Case Studies

Seamless Workflow, Automation, & Efficiency (1)

Seamless Workflow, Automation, & Efficiency: NetSuite-Shopify Integration via Celigo iPaaS!

Integs Cloud Technology brings revolutionary solutions to the retail apparel, bags, and accessories industry. Our collaboration with a distinguished fashion brand, renowned for its deconstructed and reconstructed vintage collections, has led to remarkable transformations. With a strong presence in the US and EU markets, we tackled their challenges head-on, automating their order management process and optimizing their operations.

During peak seasons, our client faced the daunting task of managing millions of orders within a few hours. We successfully handled this immense volume, streamlining their order-to-cash process and ensuring prompt payment reconciliation. Additionally, our solutions managed the same stock-keeping unit across multiple ecommerce platforms and also successfully accommodated pre-orders. By implementing the standard Shopify-NetSuite integration through Celigo iPaaS, we created customized flows to tackle the intricate general ledger impact associated with different refund scenarios. 


Simplification & Real-Time Visibility: NetSuite-Shopify Integration via Celigo iPaaS

Here is how we revolutionized retail apparel and accessories through groundbreaking collaborations! Our latest triumph involves a thriving brand that seamlessly combines timeless design and captivating elegance. From automating ecommerce operations to streamlining back-end processes, our expertise has transformed their business landscape.

The client faced significant challenges, including managing a high volume of product listings, ensuring seamless order and shipping synchronization, and handling complex price markdowns. Leveraging our innovative solutions, we orchestrated a seamless integration between their ecommerce platform and NetSuite ERP, driving efficiency and accuracy. With our expertise, they achieved exceptional volume management, real-time visibility of stock levels, and an automated product listing process.


Automation & Accuracy for a Worldwide Retail: NetSuite-Shopify Integration via Celigo iPaaS

Integs Cloud Technology collaborated with a prominent retail beauty products client. With a relentless focus on revolutionizing their Order to Cash processes, we embarked on a mission to overcome the challenges posed by high transaction volumes across multiple marketplaces. Leveraging the seamless integration of Shopify and NetSuite through the trusted Celigo iPaaS, we engineered a remarkable transformation. Our solutions delivered real-time stock visibility, streamlined order management, and automated reconciliation. This empowered our client to soar in the industry.

We helped bring an unparalleled synergy of technology and innovation. By integrating Shopify with the leading cloud ERP NetSuite via a modern iPaaS- Celigo, we achieved remarkable efficiency in order processing. Our client harnessed the power of real-time insights and automated workflows. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we empowered our client to conquer the complexities of high-volume transactions.


Achieving Visibility & Automation via NetSuite Integration using Celigo!

Welcome to Integs Cloud Technologies, where cutting-edge solutions meet retail IT power! In this case study, we unveil our game-changing collaboration with a leading manufacturer of premium IT peripherals, consumer electronics, and mobility products. With a global footprint spanning the US, UK, Australia, India, and Germany, our client was determined to harness technology’s potential to revolutionize their operations.

Through our expertise, we integrated the powerful Magento 2 platform with NetSuite ERP via the Celigo iPaaS, enabling real-time stock visibility and empowering super-quick decision-making. Seamlessly integrating orders and shipping details, we unleashed a streamlined fulfillment process, while automating product listings in NetSuite for unmatched accuracy and efficiency. The result was highly definable visibility alongside the total synchronization and automation of complex processes!


Integration & Automation for a Multinational Retail

Integs Cloud Technologies proudly partnered with an established name in the world of cycling apparel. Our mission was to supercharge their operations and deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we seamlessly automated payment processes, unleashed the power of E-Logik 3PL to track orders, and granted Magento 2 real-time visibility into their stock by integrating these systems with NetSuite.

By integrating the game-changing Magento 2 platform with the #1 cloud ERP – NetSuite via Celigo – a modern iPaaS, we revolutionized payment management with PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. With our innovative solutions, our client effortlessly conquered the challenges of tax handling and product list maintenance, propelling their efficiency to new heights. While our client focused on crafting its signature French style and harnessing state-of-the-art fabrics, we worked tirelessly behind the scenes, optimizing its backend to perfection!


Celigo Integration: How Integs Cloud Brought Automation to a Global Retail Platform!

Twila True Collaborations is a Brand Incubator & Global Retail & E-commerce marketplace that develops, manufactures & launches the latest products & partners with today’s most influential talents. By implementing integration and automation into our systems, Integs Cloud Technologies revolutionized their internal management and data analysis capabilities to provide a faster, more effective, and enhanced customer experience. ICTPL helped Twila True Collaborations to focus on bringing revolutionary ideas to life with our expert services and full support!

The automation of systems to NetSuite was carried out through Celigo’s pre-built integration apps. With simply a few answers from the questionnaire we prepared, we configured the flows and as a result, end-to-end point systems were integrated. A smooth flow from Shopify to NetSuite was established, without the need for extra manual efforts.