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Integration & Automation for a Multinational Retail

Integs Cloud Technologies proudly partnered with an established name in the world of cycling apparel. Our mission was to supercharge their operations and deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we seamlessly automated payment processes, unleashed the power of E-Logik 3PL to track orders, and granted Magento 2 real-time visibility into their stock by integrating these systems with NetSuite.

By integrating the game-changing Magento 2 platform with the #1 cloud ERP – NetSuite via Celigo – a modern iPaaS, we revolutionized payment management with PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. With our innovative solutions, our client effortlessly conquered the challenges of tax handling and product list maintenance, propelling their efficiency to new heights. While our client focused on crafting its signature French style and harnessing state-of-the-art fabrics, we worked tirelessly behind the scenes, optimizing its backend to perfection!


  • The team needed to integrate their Magento 2 stores from the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe with NetSuite.
  • Synchronization & Automation from Magento 2 to NetSuite was required across fronts such as the Order Processing Process.
  • Other requirements included: Payment Imports, Automation of Orders, Case processes alongside the Reconciliation process, Fulfillment Sync and Credit Memo (Refund) from NetSuite to Magento, and Handling Taxes of all 5 Unique Countries.


  • Through the seamless implementation via the Celigo platform , Payment Reconciliation was added on- including popular platforms such as PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.
  • NetSuite and Celigo are our second languages! With our vast experience in both, we completely automated the payment process across all countries.
  • We achieved flawless tracking via an automated ordering process till the fulfilled orders. This was possible through the trusted E-Logik 3PL procedure.


  • Achieved Real Time Tracking & Crystal-Clear Visibility of Stock.
  • Uncomplicated Products by Excellent Management of Product List through NetSuite.
  • Eliminated Manual Intervention via seamless synchronization of the Order Process with 3PL.
  • Adequately handled and maintained taxes across countries.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Mastering the Global Marketplace: ProGrad Digital's ERP Integration Triumph

Warm Words Like These Motivate Integs Cloud Team

Denise Tedesco

VP Systems Management

This project was completed on time and with no issues & a very smooth cutover. Project developers were skilled and partnered well with us.

Job well done!

Dawn Isaksen

Chief Financial Officer

The Integs Cloud Technologies  team explained things well and got our Shopify store connected to NetSuite Рthey were willing to work on details as well as advise on planning.

The integrator.io is intuitive and well designed.

Wes Brewer


The Integs team was extremely knowledgeable and diligent on driving the weekly meetings and seeking closure on open action items.

This was important to us as we didn’t have a dedicated program manager on our side and needed that level of coordination

Benjamin Crump


Integs Cloud was very professional throughout the entire process.

They do a fantastic job outlining the project and timeline, and they stick to it.

Very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend them.

Victoria Venditelli

Operations Manager

The Integcloud team is very skilled and knowledgeable and working with them on our custom integration project was very beneficial.

The project ran on time and their work was very thorough.

Heather Bodle

Project Manager

Really loved working with this team – clearly very experienced and were great at problem solving and getting solutions in place quickly.

They were able to walk us through complex explanations clearly, and were very personable – the weekly meetings we held were very enjoyable because of this.

Meenakshi Lala


Excellent follow up & timely execution of project. Close monitoring of each step. Good know how of business processes.

Athena Walsh

Accounting Controller

Integs Cloud completed our integration projects in a timely and efficient manner with a seamless workflow.

Our productivity has increased as we are able to spend more time analyzing the data opposed to putting the data into our systems manually.

Integs Cloud customer service and attention to detail was a key driving factor for continuing to work with them on many projects.

Erika Neeson

Account Executive

The team was always patient with our demands and our changes as we worked through how to improve our processes. Our requests were many and varied from simple to complex; but the team treated all queries with the same level of priority.

I look forward to working with this team again in the future.

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Arde Farbod

Digital Transformation Officer

Knowledgeable and experienced as well as flexible in the approach.

Highly recommended!

Ryland Joyce

Operations Manager

The Integs team was efficient and resourceful. They came in, asked the questions they needed and then went away and did everything in the background; only checking in to test or clarify questions. I didn’t need to follow up or chase for anything.

I would highly recommend them.

Nilanthi Russell

Head Of Finance

As a non-technical person, the Integs cloud team was really easy to deal with – the team went above and beyond my expectations in solving issues which I didn’t think could be solved.

Their dedication and commitment to the project was impressive.

I completely trust this organisation and their tech teams for solving the unsolvable! I would highly recommend them.