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Netsuite Erp Implementation

NetSuite ERP Implementation

Integs Cloud has a world-class seasoned team having close to two decades of ERP implementation experience. We deliver robust Oracle NetSuite ERP implementations addressing the business’ unique requirements, pain points & complexity of processes.

We undertake implementations of the following products.
Financial Management, Order Management, Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Global Business Management, Customer Resource Management (CRM), Human Resource Management / HRMS, Professional Services Automation (PSA), E-Commerce, and all important key Oracle NetSuite products.

System Integrations

System Integrations

We deliver integration services using Celigo iPaaS and direct integrations (without any middleware) between Oracle NetSuite ERP & third-party applications. An in-depth understanding of NetSuite architecture and APIs/connections mechanism plays a significant role with a handful of experience of domain knowledge.

With Celigo’s flexible features, we help businesses effortlessly connect their applications with other applications or third-party systems. Integrating key processes to newer applications through Celigo ensures optimizations of your business processes. For E-commerce businesses, integrating vendor applications, customer support, payments, point-of-sale, shipping, and other applications has been made easier with Celigo.

Ecommerce Services

Ecommerce Services

Integs Cloud offers a comprehensive & structured E-commerce solution that includes various factors like Branding, User-Experience, Development, & Integrations. Be it a self-hosted platform like WooCommerce or a Saas-Based platform like Shopify, we ensure a perfect end-to-end solution.

  • Custom Online Store Development
  • Omnichannel Ecommerce
  • CRM Integrations
  • Finance Management
  • Inventory Management
Development & Customization

Development & Customization

While dealing with complex business processes, there are a few processes that demand customization or development of new functionality and features as every out-of-the0box feature may not deliver the right solution!

There are many ways to implement a specific requirement in order to find an optimal solution and this is where our team of experts can deliver innovative technical implementations.

Support Services

Support Services

Integs Cloud team has vast experience in implementing and managing Oracle NetSuite ERP implementations, integration services using Celigo iPaaS as well as direct integrations without any middleware.

We understand how crucial business process automation is for your business and we are here to make access easier for your team. For any complex issue or a basic requirement, we are here to help!

  • Fully Managed Support
  • Dedicated Offshore Support Team
  • Ad-hoc Support
Optimisation Services

Optimisation Services

As you grow in your business, the system also needs to be ready to adapt to the growth and give your team impeccable control & visibility over all the day-to-day operations! Initially, for a few years, the system may work seamlessly for you but as you grow, the fine-tuning becomes inevitable.

We, at Integs Cloud, mastered the scaling automation and optimizations while doing audits on regular basis. We can do audits of your systems and can provide optimization plans to ensure the scale and growth of your business are managed well as well as the system is future-ready!

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