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A Guide to Essential Reports in Oracle NetSuite for Indian CFOs

A Guide to Essential Reports in Oracle NetSuite for Indian CFOs

In the fast-paced world of Indian finance, accurate reporting isn’t just smart—it’s essential for CFOs. Meet Oracle NetSuite, your cloud-based ERP sidekick armed with a toolkit of India-focused reports tailored for the unique challenges of the Indian business landscape. NetSuite simplifies financial reporting, ensuring compliance and strategic insights for CFOs navigating the intricacies of Indian finance.

As CFOs navigate the twists and turns of India’s financial rules, let’s delve into NetSuite’s must-have reports:

1. GSTR1: Outward Supplies Report

The GSTR1 report captures details of outward supplies of goods and services. This monthly or quarterly report is vital for GST compliance, ensuring accurate representation of sales transactions.

2. GSTR2: Inward Supplies Report

Complementing the GSTR1, the GSTR2 report provides details of inward supplies. It helps reconcile and verify the input tax credit claimed by your organization against the tax paid by your suppliers.

3. GSTRB: Consolidated GST Return

The GSTRB is a consolidated GST Return form, encompassing outward and inward supplies along with tax liabilities. It serves as a comprehensive summary for GST filing.

4. TDS 26Q: TDS on Payments Report

This report focuses on TDS deducted on payments other than salaries. It’s essential for maintaining compliance with TDS regulations and provides a detailed view of deductor and deductee information.


A format-compliant TDS report, this ensures your TDS details are compliant with regulatory requirements, covering deductor, deductee, and TDS amounts.

6. TCS: Tax Collected at Source Report

For businesses collecting tax at source, the TCS report is indispensable. It captures the collector’s details and the tax amounts collected, aiding in TCS compliance.

7. Purchase Register

The Purchase Register provides a detailed list of all purchases made by the organization, offering insights into vendor relationships and purchase expenses.

8. Sales Register

The Sales Register lists all sales transactions, offering a comprehensive view of revenue streams, customer relationships, and sales performance.

9. Schedule III AND IV: Financial Statement Schedules

These schedules are essential for preparing the balance sheet and profit and loss statement in compliance with statutory requirements, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial reporting.


As an Indian CFO, leveraging these reports in Oracle NetSuite can streamline your financial operations, enhance compliance, and provide valuable insights for strategic decision making. By harnessing the power of these India-specific reports, you can navigate the intricacies of Indian finance with confidence and efficiency.

Explore NetSuite’s robust reporting capabilities and empower your finance team to drive success in the competitive Indian market.

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