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Guide to iPaaS- How a Service Integration Platform Works & 5 Super Benefits!

iPaaS or Service Integration Platform

With rapid changes in today’s business sphere, the average customer now expects perfection from any organization they interact with. They expect instant connectivity, answers to all their questions, and complete transparency and access. The internal systems and processes of any company operating on different platforms can cause a hindrance to the same- through misalignment, siloed/lost data, and outdated information. A solution to this is a service integration platform.

Plus, adding more features and tools to all your software and platforms can prove to be more costly and from a business perspective, not the best investment. That added with the fact that there are now countless new demands that require constant upgrades that don’t just cost one-time, but multiple times calls for a solution that adds smoothness in the lives of both- the internal operations as well as customers and their needs!

This is where iPaaS or a service integration platform comes into the picture!

With the growing dependency on the cloud for everything, the need for iPaaS becomes unavoidable for those wishing to run enterprises. iPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service, is a portal that bridges the gap between incohesive systems and connects multiple platforms through integration and data exchanges. It provides a collective resolution to your internals and customers alike.

According to a source, 66% of organizations are predicted to invest in iPaaS for the automation of their operations & integration of their data across multiple platforms. In fact, 27% of companies already have opted for a certain iPaaS or a service integration platform solution for their business proceedings. In this blog, you will find out what exactly iPaaS is, how it works, and some of the major benefits it imparts to business models of any nature!

What is iPaaS or a Service Integration Platform?

What is iPaaS or a Service Integration Platform

iPaaS stands for Integration Platform as a Service. To put it simply, it is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to integrate various software applications and systems. It is one interconnected platform useful to manage data flows while also streamlining communication within different applications, databases, APIs, etc., regardless of their location or format.

iPaaS also allows businesses to automate workflows and processes, thus effectively reducing the effort required for time-eating manual tasks. With iPaaS, organizations can easily connect and integrate disparate systems and applications, giving room for greater agility and robustness in their operations.

How exactly does iPaaS or a Service Integration Platform work?

To understand how exactly a service integration platform works, let’s take the example of Celigo, a leading iPaaS solution.

Let’s say you run an online clothing store. And you sell your products and items through many different channels such as Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. Each of these channels has its own fixed system for operations such as managing orders, inventory, and shipping. All of this can get overwhelming to manage manually. And this is where Celigo comes in!

Celigo’s iPaaS platform acts as a bridge between these systems, by enabling them to communicate and transfer data without much hassle. It bridges the gap by creating pre-built connectors or integrations for each system that need to be interlinked. These connectors then make use of API calls to retrieve and send data between the systems. Once these connectors are set up and configured, they can effortlessly work together to automate several tasks.

For another example, say when a customer places an order on Amazon, Celigo’s platform can readily update the inventory levels in your Amazon store and also send a notification to your shipping provider to fulfill the order. Overall, this really helps streamline all your operations while reducing the risk of errors.

5 Benefits of iPaaS or a Service Integration Platform

5 Benefits of iPaaS or a Service Integration Platform

1. Integration Simplification

Eliminates the need for tedious manual coding or custom development! IPaaS platforms provide an easy way to integrate various systems and applications.

2. Scalability

As your business grows, you require more and more applications and systems to be added to your platforms. IPaaS platforms are cloud-based and offer scalability to add these with ease. This helps you match the changing needs of businesses!

3. Time & Cost Savings

With iPaaS or a service integration platform, businesses can automate workflows, and reduce a lot of the time and effort that goes into manual tasks. This ultimately leads to saved costs by minimizing the need for extra resources.

4. Improved Data Accuracy

With iPaaS, the risk of errors becomes close to zero! You can immensely improve the quality of your through data consistency and accuracy across various systems.

5. Greater Agility

By providing a unified platform that manages data flows and streamlines communication, iPaaS platforms enable increased agility in decision-making and response times.


With the ever-increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions, iPaaS is one of the optimal choices for overcoming the challenges of disconnected systems. By integrating all applications and data between an organization and its third-party partners, you have a centralized platform that connects all the systems.

This is a crucial step towards improving business growth by folds! If you wish to employ an iPaaS in your organization or are looking for integration, automation, and e-commerce solutions, Integs Cloud Technologies is the place for you! With Celigo, Oracle NetSuite, and Ecommerce experts under our umbrella, we help your business add the oil of ease and productivity in the machine that is your operations and processes! Get in touch with us today.

Check out this blog to understand how e-commerce integration can be revolutionary for your business!

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