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How is Ecommerce Integration Revolutionary? 5 Big Reasons to Adapt Celigo!

How is Ecommerce Integration Revolutionary? 5 Big Reasons to Adapt Celigo!

In a world where most business markets are over-saturated and new enterprises are ever-emerging with progressive developments, fancier technology, and constant improvements, the customer’s viewpoint of an e-commerce entity has transformed. The undeniable truth is that if your business is not automated via eCommerce integration, it will be left behind in the new-age business world.

The expectations of a new-age customer now include perfect customer service, faster shipping, 100% accuracy, and a flawless experience from any eCommerce they interact with. These expectations have been fostered by rapid technological developments- both in the eCommerce field and at an individual company level. Continuous improvement in software and technology is what has accelerated eCommerce businesses to perform significantly better.

But how exactly does eCommerce integration through platforms like Celigo contribute to holistic development?

Imagine you own a sports clothing brand. Your revenue points include your own website, third-party platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Myntra, etc., and several physical retail shops across your state. Now imagine connecting the sales data, inventory information, and revenue report from these 3 to get a clear and precise data pointer from any one front in a few minutes!

Ecommerce integrations along with Celigo act as the glue between varied pointers and give you this information.

Apart from this added ease, with eCommerce integration and automation, the scalability and growth of your business become more manageable, making it better for your internal operations. You get better control from better insights. These are the 3 major growth curves eCommerce integration solutions bring to your processes:

  • They’re faster
  • They’re more cost-effective
  • And they’re error-free!

In fact, internal strategies and innovations are only better via smoother, more accurate, and more effective operations!

But these are just some of the generic benefits that barely scratch the surface. E-commerce integrations and automation dive much deeper. Celigo Integrations don’t just automate single functions, they directly tackle big processes completely- right from retail, to inventory management & tracking, to logistics & supply chains, and even your finances and evaluations. Here are 5 big benefits of Celigo that can completely revolutionize the way your business and eCommerce operate.

5 Benefits of Ecommerce Integrations via Celigo for Your Business!

1. Transparent Online Shopping & Faster Order Processing

Customer experience is also further enhanced by their online shopping and what happens right after they place the order. With Celigo, you can seamlessly connect all your applications. For example, you can connect your Shopify with your payment, ERP, and logistics. Through this, your customers get real-time updates if a product is out of stock while shopping online.

Similarly, with order processing, ecommerce integration can accelerate the speed of delivery! Manual processes tend to eat up loads of time for simple processing. But through automation, an order can be processed right after it’s placed. You can also auto-send emails of confirmation along with the delivery and tracking right away for a worry & hassle-free process.

2. Fulfillment & Shipping

Customers look forward to one thing the most- receiving what they have ordered. The process that takes place after the order has been placed usually involves countless manual processes- that tend to lengthen the overall time. Through ecommerce integration and automation, you can gain total control of your inventory through tracking and managing.

You also get real-time insights and analysis to craft a better strategy. All this eventually eliminated any errors that come with traditional and manual processes for faster shipment and quicker delivery.

Ecommerce Integrations

3. Helps Beat Competition

With Celigo’s eCommerce integration solutions and tools, you can integrate your operations in a way that is risk-free and shows faster results. Usually, a newly launched business does not take off right away. Some of the highly useful connectors coming from Celigo help customize integration between cloud apps and are also prebuilt. You get to utilize custom integration via a platform that is extremely easy to use!

With ecommerce integration, you also get a clearer view of who, what, and where to target. All these tools give you a chance to perform infinitely better. The real way to beat the competition is by offering something better than them. You can do this by providing a better customer experience. Through ecommerce integration solutions and tools, you can track customers and their buying patterns for a customized experience on your website.

4. Great Internal Coordination

The frictionless coordination among employees is what really makes or breaks how your business operates. Obstacles in communication can result in failed plans made beforehand or results that are not of the best quality. With ecommerce integration, the tools from Celigo help build a strong communication channel.

These also contribute to eliminating more than half of the manual processes that come with traditional ecommerce methods. Employees are given the liberty to focus more vividly on strategies and communication, leading to excellent internal coordination.

5. Honest & Effective Communication

Trust-building and reliability are 2 massive attributes that help win over customers in the long run. The best way to create these is through honest, yet convincing communication. Effective communication often happens face-to-face. But with Celigo, these tools help facilitate communication- from both ends- to be more honest and elaborate.

For example, you can get actual feedback or queries regarding any of your products with ease from the customers’ end.

Ecommerce Integrations


Overall, ecommerce integration platforms like Celigo simplify tedious business processes to make them work in a manner that benefits everyone. For your business to take off with the help of ecommerce, NetSuite, and Celigo expertise, you need a consultant who is fantastic on all three fronts. This is where Integs Cloud Technologies comes into the picture!

An experienced company makes sure your business structure becomes completely automated in a hassle-free manner and smooth way. Call us today for a consultation!

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