Celigo Enables Smooth Integration

We Add Smartness With Domain Expertise

Going Beyond Integration; Sharp Automation Offering Accessibility, Flexibility, Scalability & Speed!

Business Automation's Comprehensive Solution At One Place!

NetSuite Implementation

We deliver Oracle NetSuite ERP implementations addressing the business’ unique requirements, pain points & complexity of processes.

Smooth Celigo Integration

Get complete control over complex operations & achieve automation with smooth Celigo integration of applications.

"Integs Cloud team made our job very easy with their technical expertise. We are associated with Integs Cloud since last 2 years!"
- Arde Farbod
Head of Digital Transformation
R2 Technologies

Ensuring smooth integrations without requiring technical expertise

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How Integs Cloud Technologies Work

Study Unique Requirements

We study your process to understand your unique integration requirements

Apply Domain Expertise

With 300+ Integrations, we ensure smart solutions with domain expertise

Achieve Smooth Integrations

We connect your apps with other apps or third-party systems effortlessly

Robust Support!

We ensure even a non-techy should access integrations easily

Have Unique Requirements?

Get Custom Integrations Done As Per Your Business Needs By Our 30+ Experts

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What To Expect From Celigo?

Smart Integrations

Application Integration, Data Integration, B2B/EDI Integration, & Event-Driven Integration; all in one place!

Strong Connectivity

Get Prebuilt Connectors, Connector SDK, On-Premise Agent, & Universal Adaptors for strong connectivity

Sharp Governance

Get complete visibility with Access Control, Activity Log, Delegated Admin, & Connectivity Policies

Let's Initiate Integration's Journey

Let's discuss custom integrations for smart automation

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